To provide Gujarati language teaching, the Society built an extension with classrooms. Called Gita Hall, it was established at the back of the centre. On 31 May 1981 it was officially opened by the HRH Prince of Wales.

Annual Sports Festival started in 1980

In 1980 the first issue of “Samaj Deep” the monthly magazine was produced and distributed to all Hindu residents of Preston and district.

In 1978 the prayer hall was renovated and more deities, Goddess Ambika (Goddess of shakti) and the Shivalay consisting of the Lingum (phallus) of Lord Shiva, his mount Nandi the bull and Kaachbo the tortoise.

The temple building was officially opened on 25th August 1975 with the installation of Lord Krishna’s shrine in the prayer hall. At this time the centre was only the 3rd building in the UK with dedicated facilities for Hindu prayer. This fact attracted 3,000 people from all over the UK to the opening ceremony, which took place over two days.

In 1974 an old school property was identified in the Broadgate area as the potential base for the Society. The contract was signed on 13th February 1975.
Work on the premises begin in early March 1975 with approximately 100 volunteers taking the task of transforming the once derelict school into a cultural and recreational centre for the Hindu community of Preston.

The birth of GHS took place at 4 Glover Street in a small terraced house, situated in the Avenham Ward of Preston around 1965.
Glover Street remained the administration address up until 1974.

Badge of Honour for GHS

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