The Society is very well supported by donors, sponsors and volunteers. Many devotees commit time and energy to helping organise many of the activities held at the Centre. Without the support of all the volunteers, the Society would struggle to maintain the Centre and run such a diverse range of activities.

At the GHS, sewaks range from young, the elderly, men and women, professionals, skilled and unskilled, self-trained motivated individuals and families. Some are absolute regulars and others help as part of teams or just as and when required. Essentially, the Centre is wholly run and managed by the volunteers, led by Executive Committee heads. Some very good examples of sewa work at the Centre include:

  • Preparation, catering/cooking, serving food, washing and clearing up during the annual religious festivals, monthly bhajan bhojans, coach visits, twice weekly luncheon club activities.
  • Preparation and on-the-day help at religious festivals, yagnas, pujas, abhishek, changing deities vaaghas, particularly at special occasions.
  • Samaj Deep – printing, collating, bundling, posting and distributing.
  • Decorating the halls for events.
  • Helping to organise youth festivals and refereeing sports.
  • Helping the Treasury with counting and bagging the coins.
  • Representing the Society at public events and to other voluntary organisations.
  • Participating in cultural programmes and youth activities.
  • Joinery work and making various items for cultural and religious activities/programmes.
  • Maintenance of equipment and repair work of the Centre.
  • Assisting with car parking during major festivals.
  • Stock control and resources storage.
  • Photography and the design and preparation of promotional material.
  • Create and share informative/innovative content across social media
  • And much more…

Considering the type of help given above, a good estimate of at least 100 volunteers provide their services at the Centre. Of these, nearly half the volunteers help daily or at regular events throughout the year. This amounts to an estimated of 7,500 volunteer hours per annum.

We are very confident that by giving their time and effort, sewaks are able to preserve their mental and physical health. As a result of active participation, the biggest impact for them will be doing a good deed or karma and happily fulfilling their ‘dharma’. For many, the opportunity allows them to practise and develop their social, technical and domestic skills, whereas for others it’s about gaining confidence.