Bhajan Bhojan

Bhajan Bhojan was introduced in the early 90s for Hindu families to come together once a month. Parents are invited to come, bring their children and encourage them to participate in bhajans (devotional singing). After singing bhajans, the children, families and people from all generations would congregate and eat together (bhojan), which is prepared by the society’s cooking team. The monthly gatherings promoted the development and knowledge of dharma to young children and in turn, brought the community together. Bhajan Bhojan is a popular programme and supported by many within the community which continued in the new centre. Each Bhajan Bhojan is sponsored by individuals, families or organisations every month. The Bhajan Bhojan programme brings people of different ages who come together in serving the community and subsequently allowing children to carry forward dharma.

If you would like to sponsor an upcoming Bhajan Bhojan, please contact or call 01772 253901. Sponsorship is £250, this amount also includes the prasad (food) donation which is freshly prepared for devotees.