Health & Wellbeing

The National Forum for Health & Well Being (formerly the Lancashire Gujarat Health Users’ Forum) was founded at the Gujarat Hindu Society and remains a strong partner. It will continue to support NFHW in promoting health and building partnerships between the local communities and mainstream health providers.

The Health Mela was held at the Centre for many years and the GHS provided a platform for it to become a nationally recognised service. NFHW now hosts events across the country and has received nationwide acclaim for its work in promoting health and wellbeing in the community.

Since 2012 the Health Mela has been staged at the Guild Hall. We are glad to see this organisation progressing well and helping other areas in holding Health Melas. In addition to Central Lancashire, NFHW has held events in Bolton, London, Manchester and Bradford, amongst others.

To reflect this growing nationwide activity, LGHUF was renamed as the “National Forum for Health & Wellbeing” and the University of Bolton has offered it a regional office for national development and research activities.

NFHW would like to thank the GHS Management for their continued support towards its development and helping community members improve their health.