About Us

Our Vision

To maintain and promote the Hindu Dharma and cultural heritage in order to enrich the lives of people in the Hindu and wider communities, now and in future generations.

Our Mission

To cater for, and service the needs of, all sectors of our local community by providing a wide range of activities and opportunities for individuals and groups.

To promote better community and race relations between people of different backgrounds and racial groups, and to work towards a fair and just society.

Our Aims & Objectives

In order to achieve our vision and mission we will:

  • Continue to promote and develop the Society as a centre for the Hindu religion within the local, regional and national community.
  • Strive to establish the Society and its central building as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ within the United Kingdom.
  • Establish the centre as a focal point of the Hindu culture.
  • Be financially sound in our day-to-day activities and be free of any debt.
  • Establish and develop a ‘Toddler Group’ for use by families within the community.
  • Provide cultural and religious information and resources to improve awareness of the Hindu religion within our own and other communities.
  • Actively promote and encourage more involvement of women in the management and activities of the society.
  • Develop and operate a clear and active marketing strategy.
  • Establish and maintain an education centre, which will be registered to deliver relevant formal qualifications.
  • Develop and maintain a range of services to provide care for elderly members of the community.
  • Actively promote and seek more involvement of young people from within the community.
  • Establish and maintain a ‘Healthy Living Centre’.
  • Establish and maintain a ‘Learning Resource Centre’.
  • Increase the use of the centre by offering a wide range of activities to the whole local community.
  • Develop and deliver a strategic plan to achieve our vision and guide our day-to-day decision and activities.
  • Establish and maintain a core pool of professional people, from within and outside the Hindu community, to provide specialist support when required.
  • We will achieve our vision and mission by setting the highest standards in all that we do – ‘doing what we say and saying what we mean’.
  • The expression of our commitment will be through our core values and behaviours.

Our Values

  • Faith – the very core of our Hindu culture.
  • Service – to give selfless service on behalf of individuals and our community as a whole.
  • Enrichment – of people’s lives through the services and support we offer.
  • Partnerships – uniting people from all communities through effective personal and group relationships.
  • Happiness – our reward for the commitment we give.