Senior Citizens

The senior members of the Preston Hindu community are considered to be the pillar of the Gujarat Hindu Society. The older members have been meeting at the centre on a regular basis since 1975. The main purpose of their visits were to perform sewa, offer their prayers and socialise with other members to stay connected. Outings were often organised by the senior members themselves which included visits to other mandirs and recreational places. A mens group would meet 3 times a week to play cards and meet each other, simply to socialise. This activity again could not be expanded due to the restricted space and facilities of the 1975 building. It was agreed through the society’s management team that the development of a ‘luncheon club’ for the older members of the community would be a top priority. As the new centre was opened, volunteers quickly agreed to initiate the Luncheon Club with the aim of providing food, religious sewa and social activities on a Monday and Friday each week. Currently, there are over 60 members who attend each session. The senior citizens voluntarily attend to make food through a dedicated rotational team, sing devotional hymns including ‘arti’, eat together and play card games.

The Luncheon Club operates every Monday and Friday (except for any major religious festival) for 60+ and ran by devotees. If you would like to join, food donation is £2 per person. You are most welcome to congregate, perform darshan and share the gracious prasad.