The Gujarat Hindu Society was established in 1965 to cater for and service the needs of the local community in Preston, Lancashire. Today the Gujarat Hindu Society engages with the community by providing sport and recreational facilities, education, social services and a cultural base for the community in Preston. The GHS Centre runs over thirty different activities with the help of volunteers and paid staff.This is done by working in partnership with many public and voluntary sector organisations - for example: Lancashire Adult Learning and the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing (formerly the Lancashire Gujarat Health Users' Forum).

Latest News

Rangoli and Aarti Thali competition for children. Refer related pictures HERE
Navratri celebrations at Gujarat Hindu Society for 9 days. Refer related pictures HERE
Attham Yagna puja is one of the major religious event at GHS. Refer related pictures HERE
Janmastami is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna. Refer celebration pictures captured at GHS HERE
Independence day celebration, flag hoisting and music night in the memories of Mukesh on 15th & 16th August. Pictures are uploaded HERE. 
Youth Club at Gujarat Hindu Society wins BAE Systems Youth Leadership Award. Refer related blog and pictures HERE.

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