All Temple activities, including development of facilities, are fully funded from donations and contributions from devotees and the community. Gujarat Hindu Society needs your kind and generous support in the form of financial contributions as well as volunteer work to make the various programs, including the temple development project, a reality.

Sampurna Sewa Scheme (One day offering to deities)

Sampurna means ‘the whole’ and sewa means ‘service’. 

The Management Team initiated a one day ‘sankalp’ (vow) to those who would wish to provide their sewa to the idols. A one time donation is provided by the worshippers to the society for the sankalp. This donation is kept in a restricted fund, allowing only interest to be withdrawn for temple maintenance purposes and finance any service towards the gods housed in the main temple. This ambition has served and is still serving two purposes:

  • This has allowed devotees to pay their own selfless service to pay respect to their loved ones, celebrate a birthday or auspicious date personal to the devotee. But also serve, not only the gods, but also to the society as a whole.
  • A longstanding sustainable programme to finance the society and provoke more dharmic activities.

Each devotees sewa is published within the Samaj Deep each month, for each person to come and perform their sankalp to the gods, aided by the temple pujari (priest). The pujari will perform a simple mantra related to the specific god the sankalp is being committed to, followed by blessings of prosperity and offering prasad (food).

With the installation of the Ram Darbar murtis in August 2000, an additional opportunity opened to devotees to perform their personal sewa. This subsidiary has attracted devotees worldwide and the society would like to thank those who have participated in this sewa. In addition, the society would like to take this opportunity to encourage more people to engage in this unique sewa.

By contributing a one-time sum of £ 101 or £ 151 (dependent on the deity), the priest on the day of your sewa will offer prayers as per your wish. This can be a day in remembrance of your loved ones.

We still have dates available for Mataji, Bholenath and Lord Rama. If you are interested and wish to sponsor a day, please contact Dashrathbhai H. Nayee or Ishwerbhai D. Tailor on 01772 253901.

The Gujarat Hindu Society is a non profit organisation and as such all donations for the temple activities are fully tax deductible, to the extent allowed by the law. The society runs a number of activities which require support. You can contribute to the following: Elderly Luncheon Club, Gujarati School, Youth Club, Balkunj and many other events and festivals throughout the year.

GHS Donation Details

You can donate for any ongoing activities, events or cause through visiting the temple office during opening hours or by BACS:

Name of Organisation The Gujarat Hindu Society
Account No 32151847
Sort Code 40-37-25
If donating for a charity event, you can use charity or event name as reference. Ex. Rosemere Donation


If you require a receipt of the donation, then please email donation details to or contact us.