Gujarati School

The GHS has a language school that has been running since 1965 in order to allow the younger generation to learn Gujarati. Currently we run classes with a total of 40 students every Friday evening. The objective is for children to learn and leave with a fully recognised GCSE in Gujarati which can aid their CV, education and to allow children to communicate with individuals of all generations. The teachers themselves have sat the exam and have been provided with adequate training to teach Gujarati. The teachers are invited to regular staff meetings where ideas are discussed for improvement, teaching styles and administrative tasks. The input from Sub Committee Head, teachers and parents is reflected in the high-scoring annual results.

The Annual Parents’ Day is always popular as it is attended by dedicated parents who are given the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress. The children and teachers work extremely hard to put on a great show for the parents and to showcase our language and Hindu culture.

The Gujarati School is comparable to the English school term times (except religious festivals and half term). The curriculum includes Gujarati language and religious education on major festivals.

If you would like to enrol your child in Gujarati School, please contact the GHS 01772 253901.