The Balkunj Group practises singing bhajans once a month and takes part in the monthly Bhajan Bhojan programme. This is a great way for them to showcase their devotion and singing talents.

The Balkunj Group started with a small group of children singing bhajans in 2006 with the name given by the Society. The group was guided and mentored by volunteers; Jyotikaben M. Gosai, Hasumatiben S. Chudasama and Tarlikaben V. Navekar who taught the children and raised their confidence. Gradually, more children became involved and the Balkunj Group went on to perform at the Society’s events, including the cultural shows, Independence day and Republic day with patriotic items that involved singing, dancing and drama acts. The children would dress up as Hindu Gods and Goddesses during Tulsi Vivah and various kathas, the costumes kindly donated by many devotees and largely by the late Govindbhai V. Maru. The children also participate in the mandir singing bhajans, dhuns and the arti.
The Balkunj Group has been influential in raising awareness in children about Hindu Dharma and preserving religion.

Recently, the Balkunj Group transitioned to online activities such as scripts, videos and podcasts which were streamed live through facebook and youtube for members of the Society to view and feel connected, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The children continue to thrive and perform with confidence
amongst adults in Bhajan Samelan and other events. Over the years, the society continued to provide a platform for children to develop confidence to perform in public with their love for bhajans starting from the age of three.

If you would like your child to participate in the Balkunj Group, please contact the GHS on 01772 253901.