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A group has been formed where ladies get together and chat about a number of topics; this could be personal, job related or just interest and hobbies. The ladies feel free to be themselves and share their experiences.

I have been part of this group since it started back in January 2017, as a leader. I have attended these sessions and got involved, both my confidence and knowledge has increased.

As a group, we have already done many activities and have many more planned.

Events we have covered so far:

Jacob Joint – ladies bought in all types of food and we had a sing along and played musical chairs.

Games afternoon – where we played suduko and crosswords, we made it competitive which was fun.

Avenham Park Walk – one of the ladies organised a trip to walk around the park which was a great event and enjoyed by all.


Bolton Abbey trip – the ladies took themselves off to a trip where we had a long walk and picnic looked at historical buildings.





The most recent session was based around Dementia, our very own Joshi led the talk and explained in great detail of what happens and what to expect.

The above is just some of what we have covered. We are moving forward in the right direction with the help of you lovely ladies. Our group is going from strength to strength with new faces joining us each session. Our group has a wide range of experienced ladies whether this is a house wife a lecturer or a school teacher.

Please come along to the next session held at our very own Gujarat Hindu society. Keep your eyes and ear peeled for the next session and events.


Author- Bhavnita Parekh

Mrs. Prasanna Kabade contacted us after visiting GHS website, blogs and provided some valuable feedback. She is currently doing her masters in Sanskrit language and was involved in teaching from last 7 to 8 years. She is practising mediation and reads lot of material on spirituality. From GHS committee we would like to appreciate her efforts and time she invested in visiting GHS website; writing this guest blog. Thank you.


“Hinduism is not a religion and it’s a way of living for human kind” – GHS Preston Lancashire.

Gujarat Hindu Society – Preston has done a studious job of getting the best aspects of Hinduism by detailing the ways of celebration, festivals and the presentation of “Bhagavad Gita” core aspect of Hinduism.

The true spirits of prayers, religious aspects are put forth by idolism and it’s belief in true sense. While reading the blogs about religions, festivals and celebrations one can understand how well it is studied to put forth for everyone in society to gain understanding and based on that it’s knowledge towards the aspect of livings. All Hindu festivals are trade mark of unity & togetherness. They have philosophical, psychological and scientific values which sparks in the mind while reading. In it arises more curiosity to study and understand the values towards it. Those who know will go more deep to understand but those who are new and have slight knowledge towards these aspects are sure to make an aim to understand in depth what Hinduism is !!

While exploring more we get to know what makes it so special to be celebrated with its significance and meaning. Another special aspect which is clearly made understood in this blog is why, when, and how to celebrate by including the tithes, i.e. dates and days as per the Hindu calendar. This clears the doubts and makes it more easy to understand the logic of Hindu ‘panchang’. The aspect of worship through the pictorial form is depicted. This pictorial form is easy to understand by getting to know what message delivered ( Lingam).

The most and very most pillar of Hinduism, the essence which will remain everlasting and that is “Bhagavad Gita”

“Bhagavad Gita” is said to be understood the way one reads. Everyone understands Gita different, no matter what you understand, the derived meaning in its core essence is universal. It is the only holy book which holds that power of not making you understand, but the reader understands the way he thinks. His thinking and thoughts are actually owned by that supreme lord.  This sounds mysterious, but it’s the fact. The efforts taken by GHS are clearly reflected while explaining more about Gita. The verses of Gita are explained very clearly and correctly without losing its original meaning for a layman to understand.

While highlighting and keeping the roots of Hinduism GHS has a social forum for the society for conducting various social events, programs which are organised for young to old. These programs and various activities are linked which are part of the festival.e.g. for this would be Kite making, Holi, Ganesh Utsav etc.  While doing this and running all these programs and having detailed workout with different activities GHS has also shown how keenly they celebrate their Independence Day though being away from their motherland. While engaging in the social cause of sponsored walks and cultural events they are raising funds for helping the local hospice and needy.

Gujarat Hindu society – Preston is a real example representing their culture, values, good work for society, a humanitarian cause and well being of society for more than a decade. A very prideful and appreciative work.

I wish them all the best for their future endeavors and more to this, which will reach to maximum people and help the society.