Golden Milestone Project


GHS Golden Milestone Project Overview

The project is to record the history and memories of Gujarat Hindu Society over a period of 50 years closely linked with cultural, traditions and their settlement in Preston and a huge success as a social enterprise recognised throughout the region.

Established in 1965, the organisation has weathered many socio-economic changes.  We have some old photographs, press cuttings and a copy of annual reports; however, there are no formal recordings of the history of the organisation with its phased development and memories. In order to achieve this, a project has been developed.

Given the development of the new technology, we have captured video covering interviews of the people, events, old photographs etc. of the project and organise a celebratory cultural event.

We have also trained 5 volunteers in Oral History and video making who along with our Project Manager spent time in comprehensive research into artifacts, photographs, press cuttings, talking to people, and identifying key achievements of the organisation.

We have asked our members and local communities to share their old photographs, documents as well as memories that can be included in the video and an exhibition.

We have already spoken to officers from Preston City Council, Councillors, MP, etc. who have supported us for the project.

Most activities on project implementation took place in and around the city of Preston.

We have captured at least 12 1:1 detailed interviews and 6 telephone interviews to collect historical data and pictures.

Plans to Publish Project information

We plan to share the information via:

  • A community celebratory event
  • developing a website with old photographs, documents such as old passports, and a video of the history and memories
  • A small exhibition

We plan to share with:

  • Our members
  • local communities
  • local Library and the Citywide library historic archiving
  • local Primary and secondary schools
  • Our network organisations


Project Outcomes

With the investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund, our heritage will be better interpreted, explained and recorded for people now and in the future.

Dissemination of information via electronic formats and social media will assist in archiving the history and heritage.

5 volunteers are trained in Oral history and video making skills ensuring involvement of locals in heritage and learn new skills. It means that heritage is better looked after, managed, understood and shared.

The project is envisaged to have better understanding between the communities through increased knowledge of Hindu community and its socio-economic contribution to the local areas.

People will have a greater pride in the local area and have a stronger sense of belonging.

We will have a greater capacity to withstand threats and to adapt to changing circumstances to give a secure future to the organisation.



Heritage lottery fund

Supported by –

  • Harries museum art gallery & library
  • Lancashire county council records office