Work Programme



Project reference no.: SH-17-00974



Sept-Oct 2017

Recruit & train five volunteers

Workshop 1

For 60-65s on Bhajan Bhojan day – 19th Nov 17

2:00 to 4:00 PM

Video and Photographs

Interviews by Abhi, Shreya and Mita Lad

Recruit video team

Arrange meeting with Volunteers – After Diwali

Joshi, Purnima, Hema, Shivam, Dev, Khushalbhai, Prahladbhai, Chandubhai

Nov – Dec 2017

Collect and digitalise photographs & memorabilia,


Workshop 2

Interview Bhajan Bhojan on 17th Dec 17

2:00 to 4:00 PM

Interview members- 4 interviews

Chhotabhai Limbachia


Jan – Feb 2018

Create video of project 10-15 mins

Create Posters, pop up banners from memorabilia for publicity- Shreya

Mar – April 2018

Create a website to host digital archive. Add pages to GHS website- Rakesh (WebnMore Solutions)

Design and print 16-18 Panels in A2 size for the exhibition display – Shreya

Create a booklet with research and facts

End of April 2018

Host a celebratory event at the GHS center.

Invitation to LCC, PCC, Heritage Lottery Fund, Members of the community