Golden Milestone Project Gallery

First generation of Hindu community 1965-to-1974

First generation of Hindu community arrived in Preston- Pictures from 1965 to 1974. They arrived from east Africa or India on the bases of “COMMONWEALTH IMMIGRATION ACT 1962” The majority came as single young men with no families aged between 10-25 years.

Purchase of school building & development of GHS Center 1975-1980

GHS committee purchased school building and various development activities at GHS Center started during these years. Youth activities started in GHS and first ever Hindu wedding took place in the year 1977.

HRH Prince Charles visit at Gujarat Hindu Society Preston 1981

HRH Prince of Wales visited Gujarat Hindu Society for inauguration of Gita Hall on 29 May 1981. He was scheduled to stop 45 minutes; however with so much happening and so many people to meet he stayed One hour and five minutes. This was just before HRH Prince Charles was going to get married to Princess Diana.

Youth participation involvement with GHS 1975-1997

Since the opening of centre in 1975, youths were encouraged to engage in all activities arranged by society. Preston youths took a lead in joining hands with Sanatan Mandir Leicester and Bramah Samaj Leicester to arrange the first Youth Festival over a full weekend.

GHS participation in Preston Guild celebrations 1972, 1992 and 2012

Gujarat Hindu Society has played an active role in the main stream activities in Preston and Lancashire; such as Preston Guild, cultural presentation at various local functions, participation in Preston Mela, Folklore festival.

Ramayan Recitation by Shri Morari Bapu for drought relief 1988

Pujya Sant Shree Morari Bapu is a well-known preacher of Shree Ramayan Katha all over the world. Preston joined force with all the temples from Northwest and took a delegate to Bapu to give North an opportunity to host his recital. In 1988 Preston was able to host the first recital on Moor Park in a Marquee. The cause was to raise funds for the “Drought Relief” in India.

Foundation stone laying ceremony - 24th & 25th Aug 1997

The backbone of the GHS is the blessings of the many saints of India who visited the UK and particularly Preston. They were received with lots of respect and their discourses attracted thousands of devotees to come to the temple. During the redevelopment of the new centre, we were blessed by the presence of our very learned saint Pujya Krishna Shankar Shastri, who performed the foundation stone laying ceremony. Alongside were equally blessed by the presence of Swami Vishnu Puri and Swami Sachidanandji. We cannot forget our inspirer Pujya Shri Rambhaktji. • Oct 1996 SANKALP VIDHI (taking the vow) by the Executive Committee. • Aug 1997 Foundation stone laying ceremony by Pujya Krishna Shankar Shastry and Dr. L.M. Singhvi, former High Commissioner of India.

Millenium funded Redevelopment project - April 98 - December 99

• Oct 1997 Purchase of 48 West cliff derelict building to satisfy car parking requirements at an extra cost of £250,000 + £150,000 to refurbish and home for next 2 years. • Nov 1997 Millennium Commission made an announcement of the grant of £1.64 Million towards the total cost of £3.28 Million. • Feb 1998 John Turners was appointed the main building contractor on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri. • Mar 1998 Move to 48 West Cliff. • April 1998 - Nov 1999 The work commenced on redevelopment. • Jan 2000 The community centre was open and activities were transferred from 48 West Cliff to the new centre. • Aug 2000 Pran Pratistha Ramdarbar, Mataji, Hanumanji & Ganpati.

Murti Pratishtha Mahotsav 24th & 25th August 2000

PranPratishtha Mahotsav was carried out by our learned priest Ratilal Maharaj & other Bhudev from the UK. All the dignitaries associated with GHS were present from all over the UK. Murti Pratishtha of Lord Ramdarbar, Goddess Amba, Ganapati Maharaj and Hanumanji took place by yajaman. Over 1000 devotees came together to witness the installation of Ramdarbar. This was another historic day for the Preston as now we have all the deities and we are also known as Sanatan Mandir.

GHS Publications 1975 - 2015

Since the establishment of GHS at St. Stephen’s School in 1975, several publications have been produced to capture the milestones of the society’s achievements and also produced several reports of projects undertaken by young people and women on issues of health & wellbeing in partnership with various external organisations. In addition, the society started producing a monthly magazine called ‘SamajDeep’ in 1981, which is delivered to more than 600 families residing in Preston by volunteers and 300 are posted. This booklet is now in its 39th year, provided free of charge to the community.