Diwali celebration 2020 at GHS. 

As you will be aware every year, we host Diwali events which we all very much enjoy. This year of course we are not able to do so in the same way. However, to maintain the spirit of Diwali, we are delighted we have crafted a way to celebrate!

Online virtual Children’s Diwali party by Zoom:

Children of Preston are invited to celebrate Diwali online on Saturday 7th November via Zoom from 3 pm until 4.30 pm. The event will be hosted by Jyotsnaben Jariwala, Jagrutiben Patel, Krishnaben Mistry, and Divya Patel, with technical support from Bharatbhai Maru.  The online activities will be most suitable for children aged between 4 and 13 years. If you are interested, then please contact us by text to any one of the numbers below providing the following:

  1. Name of parent
  2. Name of each child and their age
  3. Confirm yes or no if you are happy with your child being recorded during the event and the recording to be uploaded to the GHS Facebook page and the GHS website. The event will be recorded but will not be live-streamed on Facebook. Edited highlights of the event will be used for promotional purposes only.

All personal details will be used only for the purposes of planning, and verification and managing the event on the day, after which the details will be deleted. The contact details are:

Divyaben 07368 563571
Krishnaben 07883 496353
Jagrutiben 07916 148787
Jyotsnaben 07930 530779

On receipt of your message, the zoom ID will be shared with you.

Rangoli competition:


The competition will run differently this year. There will be three age groups which are:

Age 4-7

Please download the Rangoli design samples by clicking Group1-Age-4-to-7-years-sample.pdf
Please download the Rangoli design template created with dots by clicking Group1-Age-4-to-7-years-template.pdf

Age 8-11 – 

Please download the Rangoli design samples by clicking Group2-Age-8-to-11-years-sample.pdf
Please download the Rangoli design template created with dots by clicking Group2-Age-8-to-11-years-template.pdf

Age 12-15

Please download the Rangoli design samples by clicking Group3-Age-12-to-15-years-sample.pdf
Please download the Rangoli design template created with dots by clicking Group3-Age-12-to-15-years-template.pdf

To enter each participant is asked to demonstrate their individual talent and skill by designing and producing their Rangoli on paper. You are asked to select and recreate one of the four patterns provided for each age group on this webpage. You are also requested to write two sentences about your two Rangoli as part of the entry. PDF copies of the age-specific geometric templates with the dots can be downloaded from this webpage. For your design, you are able to use a wide range of colouring stationery including crayons, pencils, and glitter. 

Due to the imminent lockdown, instead of bringing your Rangoli creation at the temple- please would parents take a photo of the Rangoli creation and email them to admin@ghspreston.co.uk by 8pm on Monday 9th November 2020. 

Each entry must include the following information:
Full name of the entrant, age, name of one parent contact, and best telephone number. The telephone number can be provided at the back of the Rangoli submission. Strictly only one entry per participant, please. Following judging, there will be runners up and winners for each age category.

The results of the winner and runner up will be published in the Samaj Deep, our Facebook page, and on the Website.

Where there is a will there is a way! So whilst it is a different way to celebrate, let us embrace this and continue to immerse in our faith, enjoy our strength and determination, and have fun!

Jai Shree Krishna 🙏🏼