Management Committee

Executive Committee

Society has had a robust shared management structure for over 40 years. The management’s engagement with spiritual values has been key to the Society’s success. GHS has been tirelessly served by long-standing members who have shared their skills and generously given their time. Each year an AGM is held and new members are elected on rotation. There is a constitution which is followed by the management.

The current Executive Team is as follows:

President: Mr Dashrathbhai Nayee

Dasrathbhai joined as a volunteer with GHS from 1976. He joined the Executive in 1984 as asst Secretary and served till 1987. In 1988 he became the Secretary and stayed in position till 2007. During this time he was involved in the Management of Pujiya Morari Bapu Katha in 4 cities.During the formation of Hindu Council of North in 1992 and he was appointed as a convenor and first secretary. He also played a key role in the redevelopment of the New Community Centre / Temple in 1997-2000. He brings business skills to the organisation and is very proficient in Gujarati Language. He is also very meticulous with legal matters. His interest in serving the community & see the development of the Community.

Vice President: Mr Ishwer Tailor MBE JPDL

Ishwerbhai has been associated with the Gujarat Hindu Society since 1974. He served as a volunteer and was made Vice President in 1975 up to 1978. In 1978 was elected as Secretary till 1988. In 1989 was elected as the President and remained in the position till 2010 serving term of 21 years. During this time he led the redevelopment of the New Community Centre / Purpose built Temple in 1997/2000. Continued to serve on Management and was re-elected as President from 2015 for a term of 3 years till 2018. In 2003 was awarded MBE, in 2004 became Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire was made Honorary Fellow of University of Central Lancashire and has served as a Magistrate on Preston bench for 29 years

Secretary- AshitKumar Jariwala

Ashitbhai Jariwala joined the society in 2016. He took the position of Assistant Secretary and is currently holding the position of secretary. He is a young person with the ability to engage with both young and old. He has an interest in cricket and has a good command of Gujarati language. His family is involved in various activities in the society.

Assistant Secretary- Chandrakant Limbachia

Chandubhai has served the society as a volunteer up to 1986 and was appointed as an executive committee member in 1986. He has played an active role in the development of the centre. He became Assistant Secretary in 1988/89 and continued to serve in the position till 2007. He was elected as secretary for a term of 3 years 2008 to 2011 followed by 2 years as Vice President from 2013 to 2015 and served as secretary from 2015 to 2018.He has played a key role in cultural development and has an interest in religious activities.He has a good knowledge of Gujarati Language and all the society’s minutes were written in Gujarati. He is a family man with grandchildren.

 Treasurer: Mr. Balwantbhai Panchal

Balwantbhai Panchal joined the Management committee in 1988. He has played an active role in society. He was severed as Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer and currently holds the position of Treasurer. He has 40 years of experience in Engineering, working for Goss Graphics & then BAE. Balwanthai is married to Ushaben and has 3 children. They are all married and they have grandchildren. He enjoys socialising and dedicates his time in managing the financial affairs of the society.


Assistant Treasurer: Mr Nimesh Parmar

As a young person, Nimesh attended the last AGM and felt that he wanted to contribute his time to society as a volunteer. He is a qualifies optometrist and brings management skills to the committee. He has willingly taken up the position of Assistant Treasurer. We welcome other young people to join the management team. Nimesh is the son of Late Umedbhai Parmar who served the society for 8 years as assistant Treasurer & Treasurer.


Committee members and Trustees 2019-2020

Back row standing (left to right): Mr. Kamalkant Parekh (Trusti), Mr. Ramanbhai Valand,  Mr. Amratbhai Limbachia, Mr. Mahendrabhai Marolia, Mrs. Urmilaben Solanki, Mrs. Dhanuben Patel, Mrs. Neelam Patel, Mr. Bharat Maru, Mr. Kishor Parekh, Mr. Amrat Patel (Trusti)

Front row seated (left to right) : Mr. Chandrakant Limbachia (Asst Secretary), Mr. Ashitbhai Jariwala (Secretary), Mr. Dashrathbhai Nayee (President), Mr. Ishwerbhai Tailor (Vice President) , Mr. Balwantbhai Panchal (Treasurer), Umedbhai Parmar (Asst. Treasurer)


GHS Staff

Abhi Bipinbhai Geeta Nayana-Dhabhi

Left to right: Centre Manager: Mrs. Abhinandana Kodanda, Conference Assistant: Mr. Bipin Kotecha, Admin Officer: Mrs. Geetanjali, Admin Assistant: Mrs. Nayna Dabhi.