All Temple activities, including development of facilities, are fully funded from donations and contributions from devotees and the community. Gujarat Hindu Society needs your kind and generous support in the form of financial contributions as well as volunteer work to make the various programs, including the temple development project, a reality.

Fund Raising Scheme: One day offering to the deities.

This scheme has been designed to raise funds for the up keep of the temple. By contributing sum of £ 101 or £ 151, the priest on the day of your seva will offer prayers to either Lord Rama, Mataji or Bholenath as per your wish. This can be your special day or in remembrance of your loved ones. The money you contribute will go in resticted funds and the interest will be used for temple needs. All dates for Lord Krishna offering is full now, We still have dates available for Mataji, Bholenath and Lord Rama. If you are interested and wish to sponsor a day please contact Dasharathbhai or Ishwerbhai on 01772 253901.

Gujarat Hindu Society is a non profit organisation and as such all donations for the temple activities are fully tax deductible, to the extent allowed by the law.

The society runs a number of activities which require support. You can contribute to the following: Elderly Luncheon Club, Gujarati School, Youth Club, Balkunj and many other events and festivals through out the year.

You can donate for any ongoing activities, events or cause by selecting “Other Donation” from the list below. Add any amount you wish to donate and add reference.

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