Chai Charcha & Chocolates!


Following the announcement of the Chai, Charcha and Chocolate meeting for women, there was a tremendous interest, with nearly 50 women aged between the twenties to the seventies in attendance on Sunday 15thJanuary after Bhajan Bhojan.


Whilst the young ones were occupied making kites, the meeting was opened by Charubhen Ainscough warmly welcoming everyone. The discussion in the large group focused on the significant roles each of us play as women in our own lives and in society.

Next, everyone was asked to form smaller groups andasked to come up with the purpose of setting up a women’s group and associated activities of interest. The ideas were flowing with lots of fun, eating chocolate, drinking tea and listing ideas.

The identified aims of the group can be summarised as follows:

  • To get together regularly, sharing and exchanging ideas and learning from new and old friends;
  • To encourage integration of women of all generations by having joined up activities;
  • To support each other and have fun.