Management Committee

Executive Committee

The Society has had a robust shared management structure for over 40 years. The management’s engagement with spiritual values has been key to the Society’s success. GHS has been tirelessly served by long-standing members who have shared their skills and generously given their time. Each year an AGM is held and new members are elected on rotation. There is a constitution which is followed by the management.

The current Executive Team is as follows:

President: Mr Ishwer Tailor MBE JPDL

Has over 40 years of community development experience and brings a wide variety of skills. He took responsibility for the  project management during the development of the new GHS Community Centre.

Special interests: development of young people at the Centre.

D_Nayee Vice President: Mr Dashrathbhai Nayee

Has a good command of Gujarati language. Has run a business and brings multiple skills to the Centre.

Special interests: legal matters related to the rules of the Centre.

C_Limbachia Secretary: Mr Chandrakant Limbachia

Started as young volunteer. Committed to serve the Society, he brings a wide range of experience.

Special interests: event management and cultural activities.

U_Parmar Treasurer: Mr Umedbhai Parmar

Joined the Society and became Assistant Treasurer. A relative newcomer, he has nevertheless trained himself and now serves as Treasurer.

Special interests: IT skills combined with an engineering background.

B_Panchal Assistant Treasurer: Mr Balwantbhai Panchal

Has served the Society for the last 10 years. Suitably trained, he has previously held positions as both Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer (for 3 years).

Special interests: active in religious activities and has served as Head of the Gujarati School.

Chhotabhai_L Internal Auditor: Mr Chhotabhai Limbachia

The most senior member of the Committee. Has been the ‘rock’ ever since the GHS was established. He has held all positions President, Secretary and Treasurer. In his time, major religious Yagnas have been performed and 3 major kathas were held under his presidency. He currently holds the position of  Internal Auditor and has remained active throughout.

Special interests: religious activities at the Centre, and  efficient funding of the temple.

* Umaben Chauhan resigned from the Executive Committee in March 2016.


Committee members and Trustees-
Front row seated (left to right): Balvantbhai Panchal, Umedbhai Parmar, Dasharathbhai Nayee, Ishwerbhai Tailor, Chandrakant Limbachia, Chhotabhai Limbachia

Back row standing (left to right): Ramanbhai Patel, Pravinbhai Ranchhod, Maheshbhai Dhabhi, Amaratbhai Limbachia, Hiraben Patel, Urmilaben Solanki, Ramanbhai Valand, Prahladbhai Nayee, Mohanbhai Parmar, Govindbhai Maru


GHS Staff

Abhi Bipinbhai Geeta Mukundbhai Nayana-Dhabhi Priest-Pic

Left to right: Centre Manager: Abhinandana Kodanda, Activity Officer: Shreya Ghodke, Conference Assistant: Bipin Kotecha, Admin Officer: Geetanjali, Multitasker: Mukund Gosai, Admin Assistant: Nayna Dabhi, Temple Priest: Yogendra Joshi.