Redevelopment of the centre

The Gujarat Hindu Society was established in 1965 with the aim of sustaining the Hindu religion and Indian culture in this country. It was achieved through dedication, unity and support for a virtuous cause. With deep sentiments and a propitious vow to embed the foundation, the Society purchased an old school building and developed it into an appealing community centre and a place of worship. The commitment and forward thinking of the Executive Committee underpinned the initial success of the Centre, which saw a substantially increased number of devotees using it for religious and cultural purposes. The activities were well structured and managed on a voluntary basis for people of all ages to use.

It was the enthusiasm and determination of the Executive Committee that drove the transformation of the centre. Equipped with great faith, broad-ranging experience and strong management capabilities, the Committee members sought to leave a legacy of Indian heritage for future generations. Furthermore, the members were keen to ensure sustainability by empowering them to manage the Centre and maintain their cultural heritage and values.

GHS Timeline

January 4

GHS Was Born

The birth of GHS took place at 4 Glover Street in a small terraced house, situated in the Avenham Ward of Preston around 1965. Glover..Read More
February 13

GHS bought land & signed building contract

In 1974 an old school property was identified in the Broadgate area as the potential base for the Society. The contract was signed on 13th..Read More
August 25

Installation of Lord Krishna’s Shrine

The temple building was officially opened on 25th August 1975 with the installation of Lord Krishna’s shrine in the prayer hall. At this time the..Read More
July 7

Society installed more deities

In 1978 the prayer hall was renovated and more deities, Goddess Ambika (Goddess of shakti) and the Shivalay consisting of the Lingum (phallus) of Lord..Read More
April 1

The first issue of GHS monthly magazine

In 1980 the first issue of “Samaj Deep” the monthly magazine was produced and distributed to all Hindu residents of Preston and district.
July 19

Sports Festival

Annual Sports Festival started in 1980
May 31

Gita Hall officially opened by HRH Prince of Wales

To provide Gujarati language teaching, the Society built an extension with classrooms. Called Gita Hall, it was established at the back of the centre. On..Read More
January 3

Launch of ‘One day puja offering to the lord by devotees’

In 1983 to support the Society’s activities, the first ‘One day puja offerings to the lord by devotee’ (Sampurna Seva scheme) was launched.
August 3

Shiv-Shakti Murti Pratishtha procession

The fifth Shiv-Shakti Murti Pratishtha procession through Preston Town Centre was held with unique Rath from Hare Krishna Temple, on 3 August 1983.
February 3

Launch of Gujarat Training & Resource Centre

In 1992, the Gujarat Training and Resources Centre was launched to assist the unemployed members of the community. In the same year, the Society also..Read More
October 1

Start of the redevelopment project

This image shows the start of the Sankalp Vidhi (taking vows) by the executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. On 1st October 1996, NJSR..Read More
August 25

Laying the foundation stone

While awaiting the Millennium Commission’s formal announcement regarding funding approval, the Committee decided to organise a foundation stone-laying ceremony. This took place on the 24..Read More
November 16

Millennium Commission funding announcement

On 16th November 1997, the Millennium Commission announced that it would be providing a grant of £1.64 million towards the total project cost of £3.28..Read More
February 9

Appointment of building contractor

John Turner & Sons was appointed the main building contractor on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri. On the 15th March 1998 the Society moved to..Read More
April 9

Work commenced on Centre redevelopment

On 9th April, work commenced on the redevelopment of the Community Centre and Temple. The foundation stone-laying ceremony was performed by Pujya Krishna Shankar Shastri..Read More
January 22

New Community Centre opened

On 22nd January 2000, the new Community Centre was opened. Activities were transferred from 48 West Cliff  to the new building.
August 24

Murti Pratishtha

Murti Pratishtha was performed of the Ramdarbar, Mataji, Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman, Kalash Pujan and Dhwaja Aropan. Our learned priest Pujya Acharya Ratilal Maharaj performed all..Read More